All canines seem to enjoy a car ride with their owners, but a black Labrador took this to the next level when he was found taking a joyride alone in his owner’s car.

The dog named Max incidentally got stuck in a car while it kept on spinning in reverse for around an hour in Port St. Lucie neighborhood.

The police said that the owner had just left the car to get something while the dog was still inside the vehicle. The dog then somehow was able to shift the car into reverse.


When the police arrived at the scene, they observed the car spinning around backward in the cul-de-sac with only a dog inside.

The owner of the car provided the extra keys of the vehicle to one of the police officers. Ironically though, the battery of the spare keys was found to be dead. The officer then decided to approach the car on his own.

The car had been circling the areas for an hour when the police officer finally reached the car on the driver’s side. The officer immediately fed the keypad with the access code and made the dog’s solo ride come to an end.

Max leaped out of the car with a wagging tail as if nothing unusual had happened. When one of the neighbors saw Max coming out seemingly triumphantly from the vehicle, she jokingly praised her driving skills and had a good laugh.

Luckily no one was injured in the whole drama. The car, however, did sustain some damage when it smashed the trash can and a mailbox that was lying in the orbit of the vehicle.

The lesson here is that when the next time you leave your dog inside your car, just be a bit more cautious.

Image source: Screenshots from a video via NBC15



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