Romano is an author, semi-retired author, and attorney. In her prime, she worked in some of the top Rock bands in San Francisco.

A new friend arrives

A few days after moving to her Huntsville ranch, she noticed a stray dog that kept coming to the lake adjoining her property. The dog came every day for a whole week.


Then one day, the dog probably moved by hunger, came up to the porch. Upon seeing this, Romano, the animal lover, fed the stranger, and he kept coming over the following few days.

Giving the dog a home

After a short while, Romano decided to take the dog inside the house and introduce him to her other puppies.

Romano says that the dog turned out to be very sweet and become quite friendly with her other dogs and cats.

A big secret

What Romano did not know about Trip is that he had a bullet lounged into his leg! After twelve months or thereabout, Romano realized that Trip had a peculiar behavior.

She could fold his front leg and drag his paw. At first, Romano did not think much about it. But the situation got worse, and she decided to take Trip to the vets.

The bullet discovered

When the vets did an X-Ray to determine the source of the problem, they found a bullet lounged in the upper part of the Trip’s front leg.

Upon consultation, the vets decided that amputation was the best way to get rid of the bullet.

A successful operation

Although the procedure was expensive, it went on smoothly, and Trip became a three-legged puppy. The puppy continued to recover well and in now learning to walk on his three legs comfortably.

An integral part of the family

Romano said that Trip had become an essential part of the family, and she cannot imagine life without him. She added that the dog had become the leader of her dog pack. What an inspiring story!

Source: Twitter/Sally Mann Romano



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