Pirate Marie aged twelve years and a half was living in a foster home for a long time now; her hair already became gray while she was staying there.

Almost seven years have passed since Pirate was patiently waiting for a permanent home, but she got no one. Most people visiting the facility felt sorry for her; however, nobody appeared to be interested in choosing her for adoption. She was always ignored almost every time.

Perhaps, the main reason why Pirate was always neglected is that she was already old. Many individuals would prefer to adopt a young puppy than a senior one; however, the staff in the shelter does not want Pirate to spend her entire life in a dog shelter.


Both Jennifer Hoyt and her spouse are in the army and were assigned in Hawaii. They opted not to have a dog yet, and so she was searching for shelters that she can offer volunteer works.

That was the time she encountered the Oahu SPCA and sighted Pirate’s photo. It was like love at first sight. So, Jennifer visited the shelter the following day to see her. When the staff found out that she was looking for Pirate, they were surprised. Nobody had ever requested to meet and see Pirate ever since.

Jennifer could see the loneliness in the Pirate’s eyes, and she is much determined to make her cheerful again. Immediately, she went out and then bought a comfortable bed and toys for her, which Pirate felt grateful.

From that time on, Jennifer and Pirate build a special relationship. Jennifer knew that she should adopt Pirate and provide her a loving and permanent home.

However, Jennifer could not take her home at the moment since she did not yet own a house in Hawaii. So, she visited Pirate in the facility daily for almost two months till she could bring her home.

It was not so long for Pirate to live in her new and forever home. She walks and runs inside the house and warmly welcomes her masters at the doorway each time they arrive back home. Pirate also has a ground where she can play. Jennifer claims that Pirate is among the happiest doggies she had ever met.

Here is a video below that shows the inspiring story.

Video credit The Dodo via YouTube



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