After a tiring day, isn’t it great to receive a lot of cuddles from the persons you love? Even if we’re exhausted, a simple hug can immediately boost our energy levels in a matter of seconds.

Thus, it’s not surprising to find a Golden Retriever loving every second that its fur dad hugs him. However, it seems Dad isn’t the only cuddle bug in the area as the pooch’s fur sister joins in on the fun.

Love you, doggie!

In this heartwarming video footage, two figures lie comfortably on the floor. One of the characters’s an adult man, while the other figure lying on top of him is an adorable Golden Retriever.


By the looks of it, the Golden Retriever inevitably fell asleep as it cuddles with its fur dad. Despite the dog’s sheer size, Dad can’t bear to wake the sleeping dog for him to become comfortable.

Instead of shoving their beloved pooch, Dad gently strokes the dog’s head. It’s as if Dad’s telling the pooch how much he loves him with this simple gesture.

I love you too, doggie!

However, it seems Dad isn’t the only person that loves their little fur ball as his young daughter enters the area. At first, one could only hear the girl babbling away in the background.

But, as the video continued playing, the girl carefully approaches the cuddling pair while verbally expressing her love for the dog. The girl then starts hugging the dog just like how her dad does.

Before Dad performs anything, the girl mounts on the sleeping pooch’s body to give it a tighter embrace. And, it seems the pooch doesn’t mind the newest addition to their cuddle group as he carries on with his peaceful slumber.

Though there’s nothing energetic happening in the video, the scene’s enough to melt the heart of everyone who witnesses it. If you wish to get a dose of virtual cuddles for the day, watch the lovely video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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