Boy Endangers Life to Save Dog

A teenager named Darius Hall was listening to music and walking in the rain to the YMCA in Yorktown, Virginia. He happened to look up because he was having an issue with his music playing. When he did, he witnessed a dog getting hit by a truck.

Darius tried to get the person driving the truck to stop, but was ignored. So he ran over to the dog, picked her up, and moved her off the road so she wouldn’t get run over by oncoming traffic.

Darius didn’t even consider the possible harm that could have come to him running out into the road. Once he removed the dog from the most immediate threat, he tried to get other vehicles to stop and help. 


Someone finally did stop and helped him get the dog, a pit bull terrier named Bebe, to a veterinarian within 30 minutes of being hit.

 Little did Darius know, her owners were desperately trying to find her. Evidently Bebe is scared of thunder, and when she heard the first lightning strike, she fled in panic.

The hospital contacted the owners who hurried over. But when they arrived, due to the injuries Bebe had sustained, the vet advised them to euthanize her. 

The owners, Bob and Terry Taylor, decided to take Bebe home and see if she could recover. The dog had experienced a great deal of trauma, to include paralysis. 

The Taylors didn’t get much rest initially, but eventually their dog made an extraordinary comeback. In fact, when Darius went to visit them, he went to pay his respects thinking Bebe had passed away.

“When I came over the first time, I came in and in my mind I just wanted to be really nice because I thought they lost their dog. I came in and they were really happy, and I was like okay…I came in and she’s [Bebe] sitting on the couch wagging her tail!”

The owners were beyond words that someone had risked so much to save their dog’s life. In fact, Terry claims that Darius is Bebe’s guardian angel.

Source: WOWT News 



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