Image of male dog in love

Male dogs are naturally inclined to react to the female scent. This is especially the case when female dogs are in heat.

So how do you calm a male dog who’s around a female dog in heat? The male dog will typically get a little crazy and do everything in his power to get to her.


If you own both male and female dogs, and a female has gone into heat, the easiest way to handle this situation is to board the female dog.


However, this is not the cheapest solution to the problem as a female dog’s heat cycle can last up to 3 weeks.

If you own a bit of land or even if you simply have a house with a decent amount of square footage, this is something you can easily accomplish.

You can isolate the female in a room of the house with the door closed and keep your male dog on the other end of the house. Another approach is to keep the male outdoors while the female remains indoors.

Whatever you do, don’t leave a female outdoors while she’s in heat.

However, if that’s your only option, you need to make incredibly sure the kennel you build outside is not something she can escape. She will likely try to get away and/or other male dogs will try to get to her.


A dog’s sense of smell is anywhere from 1,000 times stronger than a humans sense of to a million times stronger. Dog experts have varying opinions on the exact number.

But any way you cut it, dogs have an incredible sense of smell. And smelling a female in heat is what causes the male to react the way he does. So anything you can do to reduce the female’s aroma will help.

Make sure any items that are heavy with the female’s scent (blankets, toys, etc.) are removed from the area where you are keeping the male.

And restrain the female’s movements as much as you can, to reduce the imprint of her frangrance in your home during her heat cycle.

Another helpful thing you can do is spray your female dog’s tail with a menthol spray or give her liquid chlorophyll.

If you go with the menthol spray, you’ll need to apply it several times per day and make sure she doesn’t lick it off.

If you choose the liquid chlorophyll, you’ll need to talk with your vet to ensure you are administering the correct dosage.


If you don’t want a litter of puppies, you may want to talk with your vet about spaying and neutering your dogs.

A plus side of having them fixed (aside from preventing pregnancy) is that it reduces aggressive behavior and can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.


An average female dog will have 1-4 heat cycles every year. Each cycle will last about 2-3 weeks. If you own both a male and female dog, managing this recurring situation can be challenging.

Weigh all your options and talk about the pros and cons with your vet. If you’re not interested in breeding, spaying and/or neutering may be the best course of action for you and your family.



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