It is pretty impossible for someone not to have fears over something. This fear can either be as simple as the fear of crawling insects or as complex as the loss of someone dear to us.

With the variety of fears, perhaps the most common is fear of the stairs. Somehow this fear’s related to acrophobia. No matter what it is, nobody can change that one of the most dreaded places here on Earth is the stairways.

But, humans aren’t the only ones who feel the same way with staircases as well.


Mom, Dad, how do I get down from this?


In a particularly funny video, one can see a little English bulldog pup named Chunk sitting atop the stairs. However, it looks like the puppy is the least bit happy with his elevated position.

As playful most puppies are, Chunk chased his fur dad, Logan, all around the house, even until Logan went up to the stairs. But, as soon as Chunk realized he’s on top of an odd place, the pup started losing his cool.

As Esther, Chunk’s fur mom, related, it’s the pup’s first time to step on the stairs. So, it’s pretty much natural for little Chunk to become afraid of it.

Come here, bud. You can do it!

The moment Logan realized Chunk followed him up the stairs, he immediately went downstairs. As it’s a significant milestone, they need to record it on video.

But, instead of eagerly going downstairs, Chunk felt overwhelmed with fear. One can see his hesitancy as Chunk moves backward and forward on the second step, unsure whether to take action. Chunk even takes a fleeting glance on Logan and Esther, probably to ask for some reassurance.

Amid all the encouragement his fur parents said; still, Chunk didn’t step down. Instead, he started backing up towards the corner until such time his backside hit the wall. Since he’s trapped, there’s no way to go but move forward.

Gaaah! I’ll do it anyway!

Since Chunk can no longer retreat from the inevitable (what with the wall blocking his way), the pup tried extending its tiny paw over the lower step. But, as soon as he did it, Chunk realized it’s still a long way down, all the more fuelling his frustration.

Now at his wit’s end, Chunk’s left with no choice. He needs to go down the stairs, or he’ll stay stuck on it – forever.

How do you think Chunk managed to go down the stairs? Look until the very end of the video for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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