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This video of a dachshund who ignores his owner is one of the cutest I’ve seen. An absolutely adorable Dachshund named Copper refuses to look at at his owner while he’s being scolded.

He is full of attitude and totally mad at his dad, completely acting like a teenager. You can tell Copper has already made up his mind that he’ll be naughty again the next time he gets the opportunity.

Copper ran away from his owner, Bobby Rodriguez. Bobby called for Copper to come back but his dog refused to listen. 


The dog ran out into the street and his owner had to chase after him. Bobby recorded the video on the car ride back home. 

Copper is in the passenger seat of the car. The owner is fussing at Copper for being disobedient. And hilariously, the dog won’t look at him. 

In fact the dog turns his entire body away from his owner, refusing to even be obedient in accepting his scolding.

The owner is trying to be stern but devolves into laughter because Copper’s behavior is so human and so very communicative. 

Copper is even sitting like a little person in the seat, with his bum on the chair and his body leaning against the back. 

I love that his adorable little front paws are dangling in front of him like arms. I honestly think he would have crossed them if he were able to. There’s definitely no doubt what the dog is thinking.

Even funnier is that at the end of the video the dog finally turns around and looks at his owner, but only because he could hear the laughter in his voice.

But Copper quickly goes back to pouting and giving his master the cold shoulder. In this battle of wills, I think the dog might hold out longer and win!

Check out the video below to see the super cute entertainment.

Video of Dachshund Ignores Owner courtesy of YaBoySuper TV on YouTube

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