Image of dog food from dog food dispenser

If you’re the hands-on type and want to try making your own dog food dispenser, then this video is for you!

It allows you dispense a small amount of food with the push of a lever, which I guess could save some time and energy in the scheme of things.

Though if your dog is smart enough to tap the lever with is paw, it could be sporting!


You’ll need quite a bit of cardboard, a box cutter, some paper, a pencil, a hot glue gun, some specifically-sized rubber bands, a ruler, a popsicle stick, something strong enough to clip the popsicle stick, and a plastic container to hold the bulk food.

It looks like you also need some tape and a tool to hold the tiny wood pieces so you can place them very precisely.

“The Q” would be a handy guy to have around! You will need your container to have a lid you can cut—so a soft plastic is probably ideal.

I’m truly impressed with how sturdy the do-it-yourself dog food dispenser is. It’s kind of amazing what you can build with sturdy paper! I wonder how long it would hold up under regular wear and tear?

If you decide to undertake this, hopefully you have a dog who isn’t inclined to knock stuff over or chew through it to get what he wants. Cardboard obviously isn’t a very strong barrier against a dog’s teeth.

I guess on the plus side, you could also use it as a candy dispenser or a cereal dispenser. Though I imagine the cereal would get a little stale.

And while it’s my humble opinion that it would be easier to buy one, it certainly is fun to watch somebody build a dog food dispenser! I wonder how long it took him to figure this out.

Watch the video below to be impressed!

Thank you to The Q for posting the video on YouTube.

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