Imgafe of dog playing in water

It was with the best of intentions that Holly Monson’s dog almost drowned her sister during a family trip to Lake Saguaro, Arizona.

Holly was taking pics of her family’s aquatic adventures and caught her pooch in the act! It was clearly a plot years in the making.

The criminal in question is named Sam and was just shy of 2 years old at the time of the incident.


He hadn’t had a lot of exposure to the water, having been swimming ony a handful of times. So Holly’s family erred on the side of caution and put Sam in swimming gear.

Holly’s dad tossed a ball into the lake for Sam to catch. Sam dove in and swam after the ball until he noticed Holly’s sister, Ariana, in the water and chose to doggy paddle over to her.

The family isn’t sure if Sam were trying to rescue Ariana or preserve his own life, but Sam managed to climb on top of Ariana and push her under the water for over 5 seconds before her father could get over to her and pull Sam off.

Courtesy of Holly Monson on Twitter

Holly’s dad managed to get Sam back on the boat with his ball to ensure that the rest of the day was not so eventful. And Ariana was unscathed, except for some abrasions.

Holly thinks Sam may have been a bit skittish in such a large body of water since it was a new experience for him.

They made sure to play with Sam along the shoreline in order to give him the opportunity to adjust to the environment.

After playing in shallow water for a while, he was totally fine. The story went viral and made for some great memes.

Courtesy of LunaFlower on Twitter

Courtesy of Merry Mrs. Pickering on Twitter

And I think this on was my favorite:

Courtesy of Morgan “Lovelorn Octopus” Lowther on Twitter

I think my favorite comments were: “There can be only one good boy,” and “So is this how the Titanic ended?”

I guess the moral of the story is to be careful when you throw a dog in the deep end—even if he has a life vest on!

Attribution: Holly_Monson  on Twitter 



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