Dogs are playful, calm, and a whole lot more! Given the chance, they can show their pure character to people. Loki, the dog, did the same thing when he was brought out of the rescue shelter.

Loki was born in the wild. He was not like the everyday dog you see. He was born feral to his parents in the far North. Its temperature is around -50’C. That’s very cold if I do say so myself.

Luckily, he was rescued and brought to adoption. Everyone likes Loki. Some adopted him, but they would always decide to return him. How rude! They didn’t give Loki a chance to adapt to his environment. The people that adopted him just wanted him to be their everyday dog.


But this wasn’t the same with one woman. Jodi was extremely determined to take care of and love Loki. So she took him home, and despite all the years he put her through, it was worth it.

It was rewarding itself. She saw his little quirks and real personality as a dog, and that was it. But when it came to a time to get a second dog. She knew that this dog is going to be the one to bond with Loki. He needs friends.

This is when Luna comes in. She was the calming presence that Loki needed. She’s a friend that’s always there to bond with and comfort him.

Luna came into the house, marched through to get to Loki’s bed, and she didn’t give him a chance to talk or be surprised. She just climbed into the bed without a care.

“You’re going to love me,” says Luna, as if talking to Loki.

Jodi was shocked; it was a suprise at that time. Loki and Luna played together, slept together. No dog may come near his spool except Luna. Such a romantic couple!

One of their favorite winter activities is skijoring, Loki is always super pumped when Jodi gets the harness on. Luna was suited for the job but not much of a puller. But she always tags along with them.

Jordi can’t imagine life without her two little hearts with her. Loki and Luna are one of her little best buddies. At last, Loki found his perfect family, who are living happily at the Tiffany Falls. Such a lovely story!

Watch this inspiring video about Loki and his family.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube



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