Is there anything more adorable than a dogs making babies laugh? This compilation video by Howlers Presents on Facebook captures some of the best moments between tiny humans and their best friends.

The video starts with an adorable little girl playing with her puppy. She rolls around on the floor as her dog makes every effort to entertain her.

Next is a toddler who is completely beside himself watching his dog pop bubbles with his mouth. The toddler laughs so hard his pacifier falls out of his mouth.


There’s a kiddio who is simply thrilled by the presence of his pups and one who is beyond words with his dog’s ability to catch food that’s thrown to her.

A princess of a little girl is tickled to laughter when her dog relentlessly licks her feet. And an adorable boy is delighted by his pet’s ability to shake with his paw.

A sweet little girl gets the giggles every time her dog is to told to speak and subsequently barks on command. While a cute little boy is happy to simply watch his dog eat treats.

One little baby is flustered to laughter when her dog wags his tail in his face while a little girl is euphoric at her dog’s efforts to eat her food.

A charming toddler is incredibly entertained by his dog’s efforts to communicate through the sliding glass door. Another toddler is euphoric with her ability to scare her dog off every time she approaches at a slow crawl. 

A German Shepherd causes her tiny human to erupt in laughter by bringing her a ball and dropping it at her feet.

A little girl is elated to crawl toward her dog as the dog runs circles around her in the most uneven game of chase ever played.

One little boy can barely contain himself while watching his dog spin in circles and chase a toy. Two other babies are simply amused by their dog’s presence.

A little girl is tickled pink to be feeding her dog her meal and a baby is completely overwhelmed playing with the dog.

One toddler laughs so hard from watching his dog play with a ball that he loses his balance and falls over.

The video ends with another baby enchanted to giggles by his dog’s ability to catch food thrown at him. I guess that’s a pretty impressive thing to see when your life experience is limited to a year or so.

Just hearing the baby laughter is enough to brighten your day. Check out the riot of enthusiasm at the video below.

S1: EP 04: Dogs making babies laugh

Dogs making babies laugh is the cutest thing you will see today 😍Follow Howlers for more!

Posted by Howlers Presents on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Video courtesy of Howlers Presents



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