Bella was a one-year-old Labrador dog with a litter of puppies. Her owner had posted about Bella on Facebook and was giving her away for free. The owner did not mention any reason why he was not able to keep her.

A Labrador specific local pet rescue service got the news about Bella. Bella was successfully acquired, and an adoptive family was arranged for her. Bella’s new owners got her scheduled for spaying, but there was a surprise in store for them.

Before the appointed day for spaying, the family noticed that Bella is having some problems. She was overweight and also had a rash. And an appointment with the vet was booked.


To the family’s surprise, Bella was pregnant again. An X-ray revealed that Bella was expecting another litter of puppies. The good thing was that Bella’s new owners were not perturbed about it at all. They were happy with Bella having her puppies at their home. They loved Bella and were not going to let her go anywhere else.

The Puppies came just after a month of Bella’s adoption into her new home. They were twelve healthy, adorable pups. They spent some time with their mother, and then later, each one of them was adopted by a separate family. The families would take time out to make the pups meet each other and their mum.

The pups grew up, and they all get to meet each other even now.

Bella stayed with the original adoptive family. While talking about the whole experience, the family said that it was just beautiful to enjoy the sight of those gorgeous little puppies. The love and joy the family received from those “thirteen Labradors” was wonderful and heartwarming.

If families become more generous and open their hearts and homes for these shelterless animals, it will not only help the animals but also give the owners plentiful memories that they would like to remember.

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