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Two golden retrievers named Colby and Bleu, known online as Cheese Patrol, hatched a plan to wake up their tiny human prior to the adults.

The endgame? Getting the year and a half old family member to give them early morning treats! The youngster, named Chloe, is best friends with the two dogs.

According to her dad, the one named Colby lies down under Chloe’s high chair every evening at dinner because she’s so generous with her food.


The golden retrievers are keenly aware of who the pushover is in the family. What cinched the plan is the fact that Chloe has recently grown large enough to get to the dog food.

So her parents, much to their chagrin, have seen her get into the dog food and put it on the floor for her buddies to eat. I guess older brothers, even the furry kind, really are a bad influence! (totally kidding) 

The standard morning routing in their household is for the dogs to bark in front of the parents’ (Chris and Nina’s) closed bedroom door until Chris or Nina gets up and feeds them.

Well one morning this didn’t happen. All was quiet(ish) and Nina found Chloe roaming around the house. 

This shocked Nina because when Nina and Chris put Chloe to bed at night, they close her bedroom door.

And, while Chloe is tall enough to get into the dog food, she’s not quite large enough to open her bedroom door on her own.

So in an effort to find out what on earth was happening, they put a Nest video recorder in Chloe’s bedroom. What they found was both heartwarming and decidedly clever!

Colby and Bleu open Chloe’s bedroom door from the outside, stealthily hurry over to their tiny human, and rouse her with doggy kisses and soft prodding.

When she finally gets her wits about her, the pups take off into the other room, leading her to the kitchen so they can get a pre-breakfast snack!

The true touch of brilliance to the dogs’ plan was making off with her stuffed animal so she’d have to go after them. The parents better keep close tabs on those three–who knows what they’ll scheme up next?!

“Golden retriever and our toddler—partners in crime” on YouTube

Source: BoredPanda



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