Image of bachelor party cabin in woods

Mitchel and his groomsmen planned a trip to a cabin in the woods in Tennessee to go 4-wheeling before the big day. Little did they know that a surprise visitor was going to crash their bachelor party.

On their first day in the cabin, they were cooking some breakfast (bacon to be exact) and they noticed a dog was sitting outside the door.

They figured the bacon smell probably lured the curious canine to the cabin.


The dog was friendly and social, so they named her Annie. She didn’t have a collar on her and there were no neighbors living anywhere nearby, so Mitchel and his buddies realized that Annie might appreciate some help.

They provided Annie some food and water which she consumed without hesitation.

While the groom and his friends were lounging outside, they noticed that there was a particular spot near the cabin that Annie was always checking out.

Every time somebody came near that area, Annie would go there to seemingly protect the area and then come back to Mitchel and his friends.

They connected the dots and realized Annie was hiding something there. They checked out the area that she was protecting and found a big den with 3 holes. And in them were 7 beautiful puppies – Annie’s puppies.

Realizing the pups needed rescuing, Mitchel and his buddies took the puppies and fed them.

They brought them to their cabin, cleaned them up, and then headed off to the veterinarian to ensure the puppies were okay and that they didn’t need medical attention.

After his bachelor party, Mitchel and his friends went home to Michigan with Annie and the 7 puppies and found forever homes for them. Thanks to Mitchel and his groomsmen, these pups and their mother will now be taken care of.

See the amazing story below:

Source: Locus via Youtube



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