Banner, a service dog with a heart of gold, is a dedicated pet and companion to Whitney Braley. Banner has been with Braley since she was a pup. The Husky was trained by Banner to assist her with a lot of things.

Banner assists Braley when she has migraines, anxiety attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder episodes, self-harm, and medication retrieval. She does a lot more other things for Braley. She is just a dependable companion to be with.

Braley said that she and Banner do a lot of rescue. She said that Banner is always attached to little kittens, and she even raised a bottle baby kitten they found in a ditch. The cat still lives with them to date, but they have already fostered at least ten different litters of kittens over the years.


One day, Banner found a sealed cardboard box in the woods where seven newborn kittens were kept inside. What she found was heartbreaking. The kittens seemed barely a day old and were freezing to death.

The dog alerted Braley and led her to where the kittens where. Someone must have left these poor kittens out there to die as they were tightly closed inside the box. They took out the poor kittens one by one, but the kittens were not meowing or moving.

They took the litter under their care, and since that moment, Banner never left the kittens’ side and cared for them like her own. Banner was spayed when she was around 1.5 years old, but she is very maternal.

Braley is still in search of the kittens’ forever home who will love and care for them. Banner is such a hero; if not for her, the kittens would not have gone on with their lives.

Banner is a true hero who has not only dedicated her life helping Braley with everything but also helps other creatures of all kinds. This story truly warms the heart.

Source: My Dogs via YouTube



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