Dogs sometimes have hilarious antics. They show you a whole lot of things that makes them, them. It was the same with this dog, and his name is Huey.

There’s nobody in this world that could rival this Frenchie. Huey has a lot of interests such as diving into a person when he/she holds a pizza, hilarious! Strawberries are some of his interests. He likes catching them with his mouth.

But just like humans, he also has a lot of disinterests like bouncy balls chasing him. It was funny that the bouncy ball almost got to him. Broom is his disinterest as well, and you cannot imagine how scary it is for him! He frantically flies down the stairs whenever they’re around, literally! Jumping down two steps is such a low-key reaction. But his life got infinitely better because of this surprise!


He got a baby brother! His name is Leon. Leon is now practically learning everything from Huey. From swimming for a pizza and catching berries with their mouth unless if it was close or how to stay fashionable!

They love playing, cuddling, and sleeping together. Though sometimes they get into fights as brothers would, they would quickly solve it by snuggling each other. Now, that’s cute and sweet!

They’re just the most refreshing little duo! They are enjoying life at its finest! This duo will be doing lots of wacky adventures that everyone can’t get enough of! They make you smile and laugh at their antics and moments together.

Sometimes people wish that they’d get their channel on Youtube, something like Huey’s and Leon’s adventures! They will surely have lots of subscribers and fans all around the world. That would be extremely beautiful and cool at the same time!

Watch this inspiring video about Huey’s and Leon’s wacky adventures together as official dog brothers!

Source: The Dodo via YouTube



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