Dogs love to accompany their fur parents always. From the moment they first laid their eyes on them, they wish to remain by their side, no matter the circumstances that come in between them.

But, it seems a particular Great Dane doesn’t know how to respect its fur mom’s personal space as it hovers over her while she’s trying to watch a show on TV. How do you think Mom reacted to this situation?

Umm, can you get off me?

In this short yet comical video footage, a television screen airs the latest show at the moment. However, the show on the telly isn’t the main focus of this video as the camera shifts its focus.


Suddenly, a woman speaks in the background, explaining what she’s doing as of the moment. The woman’s trying to watch the TV in peace, if not for the needy intruder next to her.

Soon enough, the face of a Great Dane comes into focus. By the way the camera’s facing the dog, one can deduce that the pooch’s hovering over its Mom, not minding the weight it’s putting on her.

What’re you doing, bud?

Other fur parents would’ve already scrambled to ward off their canine pals, but this fur mom’s different. Instead of scolding the pooch, she only snickers and asks the pooch what it’s doing as of the moment.

But, when Mom finished asking her question, the pooch only gave a sideward look at her. It’s as if the dog’s telling Mom that it doesn’t have a clue as to what it’s doing.

This scenario continued, with the dog giving Mom a sideward glance whenever Mom asks him the same question. With this, Mom could only laugh at the funny reaction her beloved canine pal’s giving her.

But, do you think the Great Dane finally relented and moved away? If you want to find out the answer, check out the video in the link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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