People enjoy wearing their cutest, funniest, and spookiest costumes on Halloween. Aside from sporting their freakiest outfits for others to see, many love decorating their houses with terrifying decorations and even preparing candies to give away to children on the scariest time of the year.

Many adults take Halloween seriously because they want their houses to be the scariest among their other neighbors. Kids visit all the homes across their neighborhood with their scary outfits on to frighten people and ask for free candies.


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Posted by Louis Betancourt on Monday, October 14, 2019


We always see kids and adults scaring each other with their hair-raising costumes, but we do not see much of pets wearing freaky outfits for Halloween. In Brooklyn, New York, one pet owner decided that dogs, too, can join such exciting festivities.

Louis Betancourt made his rescue pup, Rico, wear a combination of both cute and funny outfit for this year’s celebration. Louis must have thought that Halloween would not be complete without adding a touch of spookiness into his dog’s costume, so that is just what he did.

Louis dressed his pet dog, Rico, as the famous main antagonist of the Child’s Play movie franchise, Charles Lee Ray, or otherwise known as Chucky. Chucky is notoriously recognized as a serial killer whose spirit lives in a Good Guys doll.

Louis and his girlfriend took a video of their dog, running towards them in slow motion. At first glance, no one would not notice Rico’s hind legs because your eyes will automatically look and focus at the knife he appears to be holding.

Louis shared how he and his girlfriend could not stop laughing after they saw their beloved Rico wearing a red-orange wig and his spooky Chucky Halloween outfit. Louis said that he really enjoys dressing Rico up, especially on the scariest season of the year.

Source: Louis Betancourt via Facebook



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