Amelia Milling was all alone, casually hiking the Crow Pass trail in Chugach State Park, Alaska. Everything was going well for her until her hiking pole snapped, causing her to fall 300 feet in an unfamiliar part of the country.

What she saw next was an almost unbelievable heaven-sent angel — an Alaskan Husky running towards her, with a collar that reads: Nanook, Crow Creek Guide Dog.

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The dog was trying to lead her to the nearest trail. However, Amelia didn’t have enough energy to get herself out of the water, so Nanook helped her by pulling her by her backpack.

Nanook didn’t stop licking Amelia’s face to keep her awake. That’s when she got to her senses, took out her emergency GPS and signaled for rescue.

The volunteers came the next morning and saw the injured Amelia, with Nanook still by her side. They were both airlifted to a nearby state, Anchorage, where the young lady was treated. She was then released to go home.

Amelia is a 21-year-old deaf college student from Tennessee who didn’t anticipate the snow during that time. This journey made it hard for her to cope with the weather, and she couldn’t thank Nanook enough for not leaving her side when she needed help the most.

According to an interview, Amelia’s first reaction when she saw Nanook was, “Where is its owner? Then I saw his tags and thought to myself; he’s here to help me,” she explained to the interpreter.

“Nanook led me back to the trail, and then we set up camp there. We spent the night together, and we ate beef jerky for dinner. I thought he’d be gone the next morning, but when I checked, he was still there. He slept outside the tent and never left me,” Amelia continued.

Scott Swift, Nanook’s owner, told the volunteers that his seven-year-old dog has been rescuing injured hikers ever since he adopted him six years ago. The pup didn’t have a search and rescue training and learned to do it on his own.

Amelia believes that Nanook is a guardian angel. “I made him feel I love him, and told him I’m going to miss him so much,” she mentioned.

Amelia was Nanook’s third rescue and has gotten a lot of recognition for it. A movie was also written based on his rescue stories, entitled “Alpha.” Watch the behind the scenes below!

Video credit: Youtube Sony Pictures Entertainment

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