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Life had not been so good for the past two years for Tankers, a Boston Terrier. But things started to look up when he became a Valentines Gift to a young girl.

His previous family didn’t really want him, so they made him stay outside of their home and they ignored the fact that he would whine and cry for hours.

Fortunately, Tankers was rescued by an animal rescue group and temporarily stayed at a shelter.


Tankers was a bit apprehensive at his new environment at first, but he quickly warmed up. Perhaps he was aware things were about to get a lot better for him.


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At the same time Tankers was put in foster care, the Gordon family was searching for a family dog.

Their youngest daughter, Drew, was a dog lover and she was deeply involved in the selection process.

According to Kat Gordon, the family had been searching for the right dog since their 12 year old dog passed away.

When they saw Tankers on Petfinder, the family was instantly smitten. They were particularly interested in the description saying Tankers was good with kids and animals.

The description was very interesting, to include the fact that Tankers would jump into the shower as soon as he heard them turn on.

The Gordon family thought that Tankers’ quirky personality would make him a good fit in their household.


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The Gordon’s decided to apply for Tankers’ adoption right away. But while they waited for the decision, they let Drew meet a couple more dogs.

However none of them seemed to be as special as Tankers. When they learned that Tankers would be in an adoption event, the family went right away.

Drew and Tankers bonded instantly. Drew was heartbroken when the event ended and she had to part with Tankers. She couldn’t stop crying.

Fortunately, the best news came at the right time. Their application for adoption was approved soon thereafter (February 13, to be exact) and the Gordons were informed that they could come to pick Tankers up right away.

The family thought it would make a great surprise Valentines gift for Drew, so they kept the entire thing a secret.

When Tankers arrived home that night, Drew had the sweetest, priceless reaction caught on video.

Now Tankers is the newest member of the Gordon family and everyone, especially Drew, are very happy to have him home.

Watch Drew’s touching welcome for Tankers in this Youtube video, courtesy of Paw Prints on the Sand.

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