Image of lost dog reunited with owner after three years

Jorge, the beloved dog of Giorgi Berejani from Tbilisi, Georgia, went missing. Little did either of them know that three years later owner and lost dog would be reunited.

No one was sure what happened to cause Jorge to become lost, but one thing was certain – the bond and love that they have for one another, though tested, did not break.

It was 2015 when Jorge disappeared. With a broken heart but a lot of hope, Giorgi Berejani started to search everywhere in his neighborhood and nearby areas.


But when his initial searches didn’t turn up any sign of Jorge, he began to ask his friends and neighbors to be on the lookout as well.

Giorgi continued his search for weeks. Weeks turned to months, and months to years, but there was still no clue regarding the whereabouts of his dog.

And yet, Giorgi refused to give up–he kept searching for his dog.

In early October of 2018, workers at a business in town who had learned of Giorgi’s search for his dog, noticed a dog wandering the streets.

The city had the dog tagged as a stray, but the dog fit Jorge’s description. So they decided to inform Giorgi even though it was probably a misidentification. 

Even after three years of searching, Giorgi wasted no time arriving at the scene to check out the dog for himself.

While he always retained hope, he wasn’t particularly optimistic that the result of this effort would be any more fruitful than previous efforts.

But he couldn’t have been more wrong. Giorgi’s three long years of effort and holding out hope finally paid off. Giorgi was reuinited with his long, lost dog again. 

Of course, given the digital world we live in, a video clip was recorded. You can see Giorgi was elated to reunited and Jorge clearly felt the same as evidenced by his cries.

Lost Dog Reunited With Owner Video Credits to YouTube/Temo Paghava

“I’m so glad,” said Berejani. “I have never seen him so happy before.” And at that very moment, two hearts were unbroken.

Still no one knows how Jorge got lost or what he was doing for 3 years. But it seems that, like Berejani, Jorge hung in there because of his hope that one day he’d be reuinited with his owner.



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