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Mario Rodriguez, a certified Pit Bull lover and a former father to a Pit Bull, could not bear with the thought of animal shelters putting Pit Bulls down for good.

He felt so incredibly shattered after losing his pet Pit Bull, King, that he resolved to be an advocate for the breed—to help Pit Bulls in any way he could.

One day, while making a delivery to California for his day job, he got a message from his wife about a Pit Bull that was about to be euthanized.


The moment Mario glimpsed at the poor dog’s face, he knew he needed to do something to save him—even if it meant changing his schedule and traveling approximately 3,000 miles across the country.

Mario immediately called the Animal Care Center of NYC to notify them of his intent to adopt the dog, named Hickory.

While time and geography were not in his favor, he took a chance and worked hard to convince his boss to allow him to take a delivery route to New York. Fortunately his boss agreed, and Mario was on his way to NY in a heartbeat.

The trip was a mix of anticipation and anxiety, as Mario was unsure if the shelter would hold Hickory long enough for him to arrive.

Mario called several times to make sure his intention was noted; he even left his credit card number with the staff and said they could charge whatever was necessary to keep Hickory alive, kenneled, fed, etc.

When Mario finally arrived, he was utterly overwhelmed as his first meeting with Hickory was exactly as he hoped. Hickory instantly felt so much love for Mario that he gave him the tightest snuggles and sweetest kisses.

Once all the formalities of the adoption were taken care of, Mario and Hickory headed back to Georgia to start their new life.

Watch the emotional video of his rescue below:

Guy Drives 2,800 Miles To Rescue A Pit Bull

Guy drives from California to New York to save a pit bull he fell in love with 💚

Posted by Pittie Nation on Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Source: The Dodo



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