Our canine pals can act like little children at times. Though they understand the necessity of doing certain things in a particular manner, their stubborn personality surfaces, opposing whatever their fur parents tell them to do.

But, it seems a particular Siberian Husky’s stubborn nature goes out of whack as it throws a hilarious temper tantrum over wearing goggles. No matter how many times Mom persuades the pooch, it seems the dog’s pretty adamant not to accede to her wishes.

Oliver, please wear goggles.

In this hilarious video, a beautiful Siberian Husky named Oliver stands on a carpeted floor. By the looks of it, something caught his interest as Oliver focuses his attention on it.


However, it seems the pooch doesn’t like what he’s seeing as he starts yapping at Mom. Soon after, one can hear Mom explaining to Oliver her proposition.

It turns out, Oliver wants to go out for a walk. However, as he recently underwent delicate eye surgery to correct his vision, Oliver needs to wear goggles for protection.

I said I don’t want to, Mom!

As soon as the pooch heard what Mom wants him to do, Oliver suddenly throws a fit, loudly barking at Mom to make her understand his point. By the looks of it, the pooch’s adamant about going out without putting the goggles on.

No matter how many times Mom explains the necessity for wearing protective goggles, Oliver doesn’t like to listen to any of it. Like a rampaging toddler, Oliver starts barking and running around the place to prevent Mom from placing the eye gear on him.

At some point, the pooch even hides behind Dad to protect himself from Mom’s persistent pleas. But, do you think this move did the trick? You’ll only find out if you continue watching the video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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