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We’ve all had days where we’re in a hurry, we have a bunch of errands to run, and our mind isn’t solely focused on our current task.

As we’re doing one thing, we’re thinking about the next three–existing in a kind of autopilot state as we go through familiar motions.

Well, a toy Maltese named Nieves got to be on the receiving end of one such adventure. And Alex, a college student in Florida, shared the faux pas online.


Nieves had an appointment to be groomed, and per their family’s standard routine, Alex’s father picked her up from the groomer.

Except he didn’t pick up Nieves. He picked up someone else’s dog!

When Alex’s dad arrived at Pet Smart, there were actually two toy Maletese dogs who had recently finished their grooming appointments and were waiting to be picked up.

They looked very similar, and Alex’s dad brought home the wrong dog.

The dog hung out at the house with Alex’s dad, the dad none the wiser, until Alex and his brother told their father that the dog he’d brought home wasn’t theirs.

Initially, his dad didn’t believe him. Nieves had been in the family ten years, so their father couldn’t believe that he’d picked up the wrong pet.

When Alex’s dad finally realized his error, he frantically packed the kidnapped dog into the car and headed back to the groomer to correct the situation before Alex’s mother came home. 

Courtesy of Pineappl3pizza on Twitter

And this time, before he brought the pooch home, he took a picture, texted his sons, and asked them to verify that he was, in fact, bringing home the right dog this time.

I’m not sure what it says about him that he needed to double check…

Courtesy of Pineappl3pizza on Twitter

I can’t tell if that’s a look of unconditional love or or a look of utter injury.

I know my feelings would be hurt. “I’m your fathful buddy for a decade and this is what I get?”

Personally, I think the guest puppy will be quite disappointed when his next grooming appointment is simply a haircut and doesn’t involve an adventure into new lands with new people. 

And hopefully Pet Smart will be a little more careful when handing out pets!

Who says puppy parenting isn’t a difficult job?!



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