Some people prefer to buy dogs from shops and breeders. It’s easy to think that dogs that haven’t been through rough times are nicer, more loving, and easier than shelter dogs.

But rescue dogs can sometimes be the most loving and fun dogs to get, precisely because of what they’ve gone through.

Molly was a rescue pittie. She was put in a shelter for adoption. When she was taken in, she looked awful. Her skin was so terrible that she looked pink.


When MJ (now Molly’s mom) first saw her, MJ knew Molly was the one for her. Despite the fact that Molly needed help, MJ was excited to welcome her to the family.

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MJ first saw Molly when her sister sent her a link of Road Dogs & Rescue’s Instagram account. She couldn’t help but notice Molly’s obviously damaged, raw skin that was pink and inflamed.

When Molly was younger, she was terrified of everything. It was pretty apparent she’d been mistreated. Molly was literally afraid of her own shadow. She didn’t even know how to walk with a leash on.

Molly finally started to recover when she was put in a foster home. After that, people from the shelter discovered that Molly was incredibly sweet and loving. She absolutely thrives on being loved.

When MJ first saw Molly in person, she immediately ran to Molly. She was in tears to see such an adorable and loving dog suffering from health problems.

Adopting Molly was the most amazing thing that happened to MJ’s family. As time passed, MJ and her family discovered so many neat and adorable things about Molly.

They saw how hilariously weird she could be. Molly didn’t let her emotional scars conceal her beautiful soul. And her quirkiness was simply endearing.

Molly eventually helped MJ in her therapy clinic—she became a healing bulldog. What a happy ending!

Credit: miss_molly_the_bulldog



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