Jason Coronado is a UPS driver who was doing his deliveries at Buffalo Animal Shelter when a pit bull terrier mix hopped on his van. The pup, who was named Ernie, was staying at the shelter and decided to spend his time in the truck.

Colorado, who is a dog lover himself, welcomed the young pup and let him stay in his van. “He didn’t want to leave,” says Jason. And true enough, it took some time for Ernie to jump off the truck. That short while gave Jason the idea to adopt the dog and be with him forever.

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He went home and discussed the adoption with his family. They were eager enough and even told him how a dog would uplift their Christmas spirits. The whole family made plans, and Jason went back to the shelter to adopt Ernie officially.

“I wasn’t thinking of adopting a dog, but Ernie was somehow different. I think he’s my idea of a perfect dog. And my family agrees,” says Jason.

Their first “meet and greet” was posted on a Facebook page named UPS Dogs, and it quickly went viral. The feel-good news attracted a few local news teams, which gained them more exposure and love from literally everyone.

Just after two days of being adopted, Ernie was able to adjust in his new home and follows Jason all over the house. His personality eventually came out — a big lap dog who loves belly rubs, treats, and chilling out.

From being a shelter animal to a clingy lapdog, it’s good to hear that Ernie is now living his best life with his new family. This heartwarming news is just in time for the holiday season, thanks to Jason and his welcoming home.

Check out their short story in the video below:

Video credit: Youtube AnimalsWorld

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