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The biggest online network for dog care,, published its yearly list of the most widely used dog names. For 2018, people names crowned the list.

A lot of the top dog names are also top baby names. Pop culture names were also very prevalent. 

The top dog names that were also in the top 100 baby names have an asterisk.


Top 10 Good Girl Names

  • Bella*
  • Lucy*
  • Luna*
  • Daisy
  • Lola
  • Sadie
  • Molly
  • Bailey
  • Maggie
  • Stella* 

Top 10 Good Boy Names

  • Max*
  • Charlie*
  • Cooper*   
  • Buddy 
  • Jack*
  • Rocky
  • Duke 
  • Bear 
  • Tucker
  • Oliver*

The overlap of people and dog names are indicative of some interesting perspectives. There is clearly a demographic that think of their pets as a full fledged members of the family. 

Since the 2018 dog names overap very specifically with baby names, it also appears that a number of owners tend to think of their dogs as children. 

In that same vein, both retro dog names and retro children names are on the rise from last year.  

2018 Canine Classics

  • Minnie
  • Pearl
  • Willie
  • Harry
  • Fred

Hilariously, 2018 hipster dog names are also seeing an uptick.

Top Beatnik Fur Baby Names

  • Soy
  • Inari
  • Oak
  • Brew
  • Bae

One third of dog owners admit they named their dog after a character in a movie, book, TV show, or video game.

Awesomely, the number of dogs named after baddies is up. The name Pennywise saw a 500 percent boost in 2018!

Top 5 Bad Guy Names

  • Loki
  • Bane
  • Sid
  • Anakin
  • Lex

The dog names demonstrate we also love our food and liquor. Five percent of all dog names are food related and alcohol related dog names increased 17 percent. 

Top 5 Spirit Names

  • Whiskey
  • Porter
  • Buinness
  • Brandy
  • Amber

Sci-Fi and Fantasy are also crushing it with huge growth in names from the video game Fortnite, superhero movies (the name Drax is up 186 percent), Westworld characters, and Harry Potter favorties.

I think my personal favorite in this category is Albus DumbleDog.

Despite the fanfare, peope don’t need to be well-known for a dog to be named after them.

Rover surveyed 1,500 people and found that 10 percent of dog owners named their dog after someone who was special to them.

Interestingly, owners of toy-size dogs are most disposed to name their dogs in this fashion.

Another cool statistic is that more than 33 percent of the people surveyed, both women and men, have met a dog with the same name.

And then, to undo all of it, 4/5 of dog owners subsequently nickname their dog. In fact, most people have at least 3 nicknames for their pet.

So while you definitely appreciate the intent, you have to wonder how often dogs’ true names actually get used.

For more information, a cool infographic, or to see top dog names by city, visit Rover.



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