4 Ways to Keep Your Pup Safe During the Holdiay Season

The holiday season is drawing near. If you’re anything like me, you probably plan to include your pet in all of your family festivities.

And while this is a worthy and noble endeavor, it is also important to consider your dog’s safety. Here are four ways to keep your pup safe throughout the holidays.


I always enjoy the process of decorating for the holidays. It’s a bit of an event at my house—putting up the Christmas tree, unpacking the decorations from storage, putting up lights, hanging stockings, and wrapping gifts.


We play Christmas music as chaos reigns, and we marvel as a seasonal beauty results from the noise and fun had by all. But it can be easy to forget all the opportunities for doggy mischief when your attention is focused on everything else.

Make sure there aren’t glue bottles, scissors, spare ribbons, tinsel, or bits of mistletoe left lying around after you’ve decorated your house. Mistletoe specifically can cause your pup to suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, or even seizures if ingested.


When decorating with holiday candles Christmas lights, be sure to place them where your pet can’t reach them. Real candles should be placed on a stable, high surfaces in a location where they won’t accidentally be knocked over.

Try to tuck the cords of your electric candles and Christmas lights out of the way so they don’t trigger your dog’s curiousity.


Mmmmm, leftovers. Christmas dinner is probably my favorite thing after the decorating (and of course the gifts!). We always make enough to feed a small army so that we have leftovers for days.

And of course, in the holiday spirit of giving, how can you not share all that delicious food with man’s best friend? It’s basically mandatory!

Be careful though. While dogs can be pretty flexible with their diet, if you repeatedly disrupt it with lots of rich and unhealthy foods, it can cause them a lot of digestive distress.

Also be mindful that smaller humans may not be aware of some of the forbidden treats. Make sure your children and any visiting children know not to feed the dog foods like chocolate.

And if your dog is very resourceful, it may be wise to invest in a trash can with a lid on it.


For some people, an important part of the holiday ritual is picking out a gorgeous tree, cutting it down, and having be the centerpiece of the home until the new year.

While this probably goes without saying, make sure your tree is very secure. Dogs can surprise you with their ingenuity, and a felled tree inside the house is never fun.

Also, don’t use fertilizer to maintain your tree indoors. It’s very unhealthy for dogs.

The holiday season is one of the most exciting and awaited parts of the year. It’s a wonderful time of sharing and caring. So have a lovely holiday, and make sure to keep it fun and enjoyable by being mindful of your dog’s safety.



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