Dogs are precious and have cuteness that’s hard to ignore. But sometimes dogs can have difficulty in befriending others. It was also the same when a family rescued this dog. His name is Sarge.

He is not like any other dogs. He howls and walks like a wolf. But it took him more time to fit in with other dogs. He was bred to be an exotic pet everyone wants to have.

“Until I saw others like me!”, says Sarge.


Alas! High percentages of wolf dogs bought in this country may end up a little beaten up and must be euthanized. Sarge ended up pretty injured. He lost balance in a jungle gym, and one of his legs got stuck on the rungs of the ladder. But that doesn’t stop him from being satisfied with his human parents.

But things weren’t as smooth as they expected. Sarge’s parents are in a sour mood to each other because of a rough divorce. “Well, we can’t afford the surgery right now”, they said.

This is where his savior stepped in to save the day! Even though it was hard to say goodbye to his family but they knew that it was best for him — to fit in and socialize!

“Sarge, you’re getting so much love from people around you, and it’s going to be the case for the rest of your life buddy!”, his parents both sadly and happily replied.

Sarge might take time to blend in and make friends with the other dogs. But he made his presence known by howling with them. It was an emotional scene everybody can’t bear to watch.

And did you know that he did that on his first day! Before he could know his new pack, he needs some time to heal his injured foot.

“It was a six-hour surgery,” His parent said. “He had a titanium plate placed into his leg.”

But he felt no pain when he had his cast on for a solid six months. It was sad when he wants to go to his pack even though he is injured. This is where the part starts to change. Sarge starts to change, he lightens up, but this is where his real dominance came.

So, it was the right decision to let him heal with his pack. It was like growing with him and with family.

Now Sarge helps his new family and shows them what a wolf-dog can do! If he can be a snuggle bear, then he will be! If he can be a rock star ambassador, he will also be!

Source: The Dodo via YouTube



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