Motherhood is one of the unique events in a woman’s life. As many would say, the day a woman gives birth to a baby, a mother’s born as well. Along with the bliss of this new blessing comes a great responsibility, which most women find a bit daunting.

Despite feeling happy with their new bundle of joy, most first-time mothers feel hesitant. Hesitant in a way that they’re unsure if they’ll be able to raise the kids into responsible citizens properly. In short, most mothers start their new journey quite uncertain with their capabilities.

Surprisingly though, mother dogs can also feel the same type of anxiety as well.


Congratulations! You made it!


All mothers agree when one says that giving birth is one arduous process. From the moment the contractions start coming, a mother undergoes a roller coaster of emotions. Eventually, all these lead to relief when one finally sees the newborn.

But, one particular pit bull named Grayce felt more than relieved when she saw her puppies.

Grayce, a rescued pit bull, recently gave birth to eleven puppies. Just like most new mothers, Grayce felt an overwhelming sense of love and relief for her newly-born puppies. But, it looks like the loving pit bull still possesses some lingering insecurities.

Mom, can I do this?

During the entire birthing process, Grayce’s foster mom, Stevoni Wells, was present. Though one cannot see how Stevoni helped Grayce during that crucial time, foster mom’s presence already means a lot to the pit bull.

But, unlike other new mothers who focus all their attention with the pups, Grayce started to do an incredible thing. One by one, Grayce dropped her puppies into Stevoni’s arms. Naturally, Stevoni felt overwhelmed with the act.

As heart-melting the scene is, Stevoni says Grayce’s gesture probably stemmed back from her troubled past.

Will I become a good mother, too?

Before Grayce went into Stevoni’s care, Grayce’s previous family neglected her. At that time, Grayce was already pregnant with the puppies; thus, she badly needed a safe and loving home for the pups.

Taking into account Grayce’s past, it’s probably her way of saying that she’s entrusting her pups to Stevoni. Think of it as a thank-you gesture for taking care of her all this time. But, Stevoni thinks otherwise.

Since the pit bull’s past left some lingering insecurity in her, Grayce felt unsure with her mothering capabilities. As such, she needed some reassurance from someone she trusts – her foster mom.

Words cannot adequately express the overwhelming emotions from this touching scene. That’s why it’s better for you to take a look at the video below personally.

This is sure to touch your heart!This momma is a beautiful pit bull that Rescue Rovers took into the rescue already pregnant. Two weeks later, she had her puppies at the foster's home. She is full of love and wanted to share with her foster mom

Posted by Rescue Rovers Dog Adoptions on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Video Credit: Rescue Rovers Adoptions via Facebook 



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