Every dog deserves a home. Unfortunately, not all pups get the family that they deserve. Often, pets end up on the streets, forced to fend for themselves.

Take this mama dog and her babies, for example. No one knows how exactly this little furry family ended up on the streets. There’s no saying whether they used to have a family before or if they started life as strays.


Like them, a lot of street animals need help in order to survive. Fortunately for the homeless animals in India, ResQ Charitable Trust is always ready and willing to help. Since its establishment in 2007, the rescue group has helped thousands of animals in need.

The organization aims to reduce pointless suffering by rescuing and rehabilitating sick and injured homeless animals. And that’s what they did when they found this mama dog and her puppies.

As soon as people reported that the puppies are stuck under huge rocks, rescuers sprang into action. They quickly went to the scene and investigated to see how they’d be able to pull the little pups out of their ordeal.

The team took with them some tools that they can use. They also brought in an excavator to make digging a lot easier. But most importantly, everyone worked together to make sure that the puppies are unharmed.

A white puppy is the first one to be rescued. The little one was filthy, and it was evident that she’s starving.

Rescuers continued their work. But the rest of the puppies are stuck in a much deeper place. And so, they decided to use the excavator, while the rest dig with their hands.

While people work together, mama dog waited anxiously. She couldn’t wait to be with her babies again. She stayed a safe distance from the workers, but she never took her eyes off them.

A few hours later, all the puppies have been saved. The rescuers cleaned them and fed them afterward. They made sure all of them are safe and unharmed. And once they did, they brought them back to where their mama awaited.

Credits to ResQ Charitable Trust



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