When residents first spotted Julia, they thought she was a wolf, suffering from a skin disease. She had patches of fur missing. And she was so skinny that she could barely walk without limping.

Worried about everyone’s safety, people reached out to Hope For Paws. Eldad Hagar, joined by Lisa Chiarelli, headed to the said neighborhood. Before they could even park their car, the rescuers already saw the dog in need.


At first glance, anyone would think she’s a wolf or a coyote. But a closer look made Eldad and Lisa realize that she isn’t. Julia is probably a wolf-dog.

Julia wandered into someone else’s yard. It was the perfect opportunity for them to catch her. So Lisa quickly got off the car and sealed the gate to keep Julia from running. Afterward, they spoke to the property owner and asked for permission to enter the premises.

Lisa offered her food, and Julia happily accepted it. Without a fuss, the rescuers managed to put a leash around the dog’s neck. Julia knew she needed their help.

After a few minutes, Julia was ready to leave with her newfound friends. They drove straight to The Veterinary Care Center, where the pup received immediate treatment. The vet team determined that the poor dog suffered from mange, multiple bacterial infections, and malnutrition.

She was in the worst condition, but Julia proved to be resilient. After receiving a series of medicated baths, her wounds quickly healed. And in about a week, she was healthy enough to move to her foster home.

Julia had a magnificent recovery and transformation. Her body healed in no time. She made new friends, and she left her rescuers in tears when she wagged her tail for the very first time.

A couple of months later, ART N’ Paws found Julia a loving home. They also did a DNA testing and determined that the ‘wolf’ who used to wander the streets of Los Angeles was, in fact, a German shepherd-Husky mix.

Credits to Hope For Paws



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