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Jack and Diane, two senior dogs in love living at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta, Maine, are inseparable.

They were found in a nearby cemetery, wandering alone but together. The pair seems to have gone through a lot together.

Jack and Diane are dogs in love. The staff at KVHS recognized the bond and affection the two senior dogs shared and decided to legitimize their partnership. They threw a wedding ceremony for the couple!


Now Jack and Diane are not only two dogs in love, but married. There is a dedicated page for their story on the Human Society website. They are still waiting for their forever home with their forever human family.

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As per the dog couple’s wedding announcement, they have been living at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society for almost a year.
Since Jack and Diane are senior pups, they are looking for a laid-back and quiet life. The best home for this doggy duo is one that would allow them lots of naptime together.

Married or not, Jack and Diane cannot go through their day apart. Whenever they are separated, both of them suffer from anxiety. This is why they must be adopted as a pair.

The Kennebec Valley Humane Society is filled with hope that Jack and Diane’s wedding photos on their website, alongside their inspiring story, will help them find a perfect home for these senior dogs in love.

So far, a lot of interested adopters have reached out to the shelter, but no adoption has been finalized yet. However, KVHS staff are confident they will soon be able to find Jack and Diane their forever home.

Though Valentine’s Day is only once a year, we always enjoy a heart warming story about love and romance.

This is a love story that should be shared and re-shared if only to inspire people to not lose hope in their search for their forever friend, pet, or special someone.

Take it from Jack and Diane.

Source: Dogoday

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