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A nonprofit organization in Romania called Howl of a Dog is dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused animals. The group saves dogs from the streets and overcrowded shelters.

They provide medical care to these dogs and nurture them back to health and eventually help them find their forever families.

They also offer free neuter/spay programs to prevent overpopulation. Furthermore, they also provide support for families who can’t pay for vet care or medical treatments for their pets.


One day, the staff of Howl of A Dog were driving back to their office after delivering a rescued dog to her new family, when they spotted Maya.

She was lying on the ground, weak and helpless, due to dehydration. She was lying in the direct sunlight and was no longer moving because of the scorching heat.

Typically a stray dog that is dying of dehydration would panic at her own helplessness when strangers approach and hover over her. But not Maya.

The staff found Maya to be very friendly despite her beleaguered condition. She even licked the hand of on of the rescuers after being patted on the head.

Not only was Maya not scared, it was as if she knew that the people hovering around here were there to help her.

After Maya was taken to the shelter, her sunny disposition begun to emerge. She tremendously enjoyed playing with the other rescue dogs in the shelter, she became more confident, and she even learned to play with doggy toys!

Watch Maya’s story below.

Many people fail to see that dogs who are old, blind, injured and traumatized can be some of the most loving and loyal companions they could ever own.

With proper care and lots of love, Maya turned out to be a tremendously loyal and fun-loving pooch.

Source: Howl of A Dog via YouTube



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