It’s incredibly petrifying for an innocent pup to be neglected and abused, let alone be abandoned on the streets all on his own. Just take Pavarotti, for instance. His dark past left him terrified and unable to trust humans.

Fortunately for the little pup, came help when he needed it. His rescuers taught him that not all humans are bad. And that he could trust them despite his unfortunate past.

When volunteers of Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a call about a dog left on the streets, they immediately responded and went to the scene. There, they found Pavarotti, tied to a post. The little dog cried, whined, and snarled as rescuers tried to approach him. He is so scared that he thought he had to protect himself from them.


No one knew where Pavarotti came from. They also couldn’t tell if he’s in pain. But they all agreed that he needed time to settle down so they could give him the help that he needs.

Eventually, Pavarotti calmed down. The rescuers managed to pick him up and loaded him into the car. They brought straight to an animal clinic, where vets determined he had no injury.

Besides his skin condition, the vet team found no other health issues with Pavarotti. And that made his rescuers more convinced that his pain wasn’t physical; instead, it was emotional.

Pavarotti took his time getting used to people. He loves being touched, but he isn’t sure of the people around him.

His rescuers knew that he never felt loved in the past. He has this little tail wags when they give him scratches. Still, he gets scared. But as soon as he got his first bath, Pavarotti felt much better.

The little pup started to feel at ease. He began to realize that people aren’t so bad, after all. And finally, he gave in. He showed his belly to his newfound friends and allowed them to give him belly rubs.

Now, Pavarotti is in a foster home, where his foster siblings help prepare him for his forever home. But until then, he is certain never to be alone again. And he is grateful that rescuers found him when they did.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis



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