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Love creates miracles every day, and this story is not an exception. When one has a health condition, and doctors would give you a life expectancy, one would do their best to live what life they have left. Monty was born with hydrocephalus, an excessive amount of fluid in the brain.

The only way to deal with it is to put a shunt. Unfortunately, because of the severity of Monty’s condition, he was not a candidate for the procedure. Monty was given by the doctors a life expectancy of six months. Jaimie and her husband took Monty in.

As the family providing hospice care, their job is to fill the remaining days of the dog’s life with love. The family knew that they needed to fight with and for Monty. Monty still has a lot to overcome.


When Monty came to the family, he was mostly blind and walked around in small circles. His mother needed to guide him especially with the steps outside of their home. Monty’s mother would do more for him than a regular dog would be receiving.

His mother would do reiki, crystal therapy and also sound therapy. When he arrived, he could hardly walk, but now, he can walk up the three steps on his own. Monty has shown so much progress since he arrived.

He had especially shown progress when a new family member arrived, Roo. Roo is the opposite of Monty. While Monty is slow and gentle, Roo is very active and loves jumping around. Now, Monty loves playing with other dogs as well.

He is getting energy from Roo which is good for Monty. Monty now functions as a normal dog. He will be celebrating his one year with the family. He has truly beaten the odds and has doubled the expectancy that was given to him.

The doctors said that he is a miracle.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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