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In 2019, a mass shooting incident occurred in El Paso, which left the community in fear because of the gory and sad outcome of the crime. Although some survivors of the event may seem to look great, these people, mostly students, also need comfort. The school administration thought of hiring therapy dogs to help comfort the disturbed students.

When Rudy, Chanel, and Ladybug arrived in El Paso, their job is crucial. They will serve as comfort dogs both to the survivors and those who saw the violent shooting. The dogs are trained therapy dogs from the Methodist Healthcare System in San Antonio.

Although the mass shooting in El Paso was a depressing scene, survivors had no other choice but to move forward with their lives. This does not mean, though, that these survivors no longer need help. This is why healthcare professionals from El Paso deemed it necessary to incorporate therapy dogs into the survivors’ healing.


According to the management of Methodist Healthcare, these three dogs are highly-trained. Rudy, Chanel, and Ladybug know what to do to people who suffer from mental anguish and emotional trauma. The three dogs have been doing this kind of job for quite some time now, so the healthcare professionals are confident that the three would be of great help.

The dogs worked at Del Sol Medical Center, a sister hospital of Methodist Healthcare. According to the medical practitioners in the hospital, the three dogs did their job well. With the dogs’ presence, most of the survivors learned how to open up with their problems. As a result of this, the doctors were able to point out what kind of treatment they need.

The three dogs likewise were instrumental in making the survivors feel at home inside the hospital. While it was a difficult task, Rudy, Chanel, and Ladybug delivered to the best of their abilities.

Chanel and Rudy our facility dogs made it to El Paso this morning. They are already providing their unconditional love…

Posted by Methodist Healthcare System on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Credits to Methodist Healthcare System.



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