Who Let the Dogs Out?

“Who let the dogs out” was the burning question at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, an animal shelter in the UK. They rescue cats and dogs that in need of aid, and take care of them until a forever-home can be found. 


Weird things were happening, and the staff was at a loss as to what could be causing it. It began with dogs in a particular block getting out of their kennels overnight. Initially it was just one or two dogs with open kennel doors.

But the problem expanded. Soon there were about ten to twelve dogs running around and stealing all the food in the kitchen.


The staff figured it had to be employees making the mistake of not securing the doors well. So the employees got reprimanded for not being diligent in closing up. But the dogs kept getting out.

Then the staff thought perhaps it was a practical joke. But they verified with their security that no one was in the building overnight.  


The staff decided to turn to technology to help them solve their developing mystery. They placed a camera at the end of the hallway so they could see all the kennel doors that had been opened in these incidents.

They also placed a camera in the kitchen where the food was kept (and subsequently eaten during these late-night excursions). And last but not least, they put a camera in one particular kennel.

There was a dog named Red in that kennel. In every incident that occurred, his door was always open and he always had multiple other dogs in his room the next morning. 

With the cameras installed, the staff waiting in breathless anticipation to solve their riddle and find the culprit. But the first two nights, nothing happened. 

On the third night however, Red was caught red-handed. The camera in his kennel showed him going over to his kennel door, standing on his hind legs, and opening the latch of the door with his nose and mouth!

Hilariously, the first thing he does is go into the kitchen and eat a bunch of kibble. Once he’s full, he lets his friends out and the party begins!

The dogs spend the night frolicking around the building, eating dog food, peeing on walls, playing, and having a heck of a time. Red even lets out his girlfriend, Sage. Sage was one of the dogs who was set free every time they had this problem in the past.


Unfortunately for Red, his fun and games came to a prompt end after that. The staff actually had to double up the doors to keep him secure, on top of the security measures they already had in place. But there was a happy ending to the story—Red was adopted two weeks later!

Video of Intelligent Dog on YouTube


Battersea was established in Holloway, London in 1860 as an interim home for starving and homeless dogs. It was moved to Battersea in 1871. 

During World War II, the manager of the pet shelter encouraged people not to kill their pets out of their despair due to food scarcity. Over the course of the war, they took care of over 145,000 dogs.

Battersea can house an average of 220 cats and 260 dogs at one time. Over the course of its existence, it has sheltered over three million dogs and cats.



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